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Nonprofit Programs

Thousand Hills Pet Resort
Thousand Hills Pet Resort provides premium dog daycare, pet lodging, and dog training. Our caring, friendly, and fun staff provides a daily playground experience for your pet. We feature several large yards for group play, with separate areas for small and less active dogs. Your dog gets to play all day off-leash in both daycare and boarding. All profits from Thousand Hills Pet Resort go to Alpha Academy and New Life K9s.
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New Life K9s
New Life K9s is training service dogs for Veterans and First Responders with PTSD. The dogs will be provided at no cost to the recipient. We partner with California State Prisons where inmates are taught to teach the service dogs. This program is saving the lives of Veterans, First Responders, and also inmates' lives by giving them a new sense of purpose. 
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Mission Cars
Mission Cars raises funds for New Life K9s by accepting donated vehicles from private individuals and our community partners, then fixes the vehicles and sells them at an affordable rate. All donations are tax-deductible, and partner agencies receive 50% of the net proceeds from every vehicle they refer.
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Gentle Touch Pet Training
Gentle Touch Pet Training has been serving the Central Coast for more than 20 years. All basic dog training is based on the tenets of Clicker Training, a gentle approach using a marker signal and positive reinforcement to shape your dog’s behaviors (the same way marine mammals are trained). All agility and nose work classes are taught through positive reinforcement.

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Alpha Academy
Alpha Academy is a Christian-based, mentoring program designed to give students a break from their regular life and guide them toward a better path. Alpha Academy offers both a residential program and non-residential mentoring.
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